From: Doug Moeller (vitec!doug@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Mon Feb 17 1992 - 14:41:56 CST

Many thanks to everyone who responded. My solution was very

My original question was.

>I just upgraded my Sun 4/280 from SunOS 4.0.3 to SunOS 4.1.1
>and I cannot get my ALM card to work.

Many people proived me with the correct solution. Here's one
of them.

From: uunet!!oday (Abdi M. Oday)

Doug. I had this same problem when I upgraded my 4/280 to 4.1.1
In 4.1 they introduced the "local" entry in /etc/ttytab. The absence
of this means that your serial lines to your terminals have
pins 4 & 5 wired (mine didn't). These are the request-to-send and
clear-to-send pins (more commonly known as carrier detection).

I suspect that you are using your old ttytab file, or you've editted the
new one and leftout the "local" entries. Putting them back should fix
your problem if I'm on the right track.

That was exactly what I did. I restored my ttytab file from a
backup and therefore did not have the "local" entry in it.

Thanks to,

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