SUMMARY: "vi" arrow keys don`t work

From: Bede W P Seymour (
Date: Thu Feb 20 1992 - 06:01:15 CST

I wrote:

> Arrow keys in "vi" _do_work_ on all of our SUN Workstations and Servers on
> network - except for one incalcitrant machine.
> On that one particular machine, we can't get arrow-keys to work either
> in from other SUNs via rlogin through an xterm (TERM=xterm), or from
> Macintoshes via NCSA telnet (TERM=vt100).
> The /usr/share/lib/termcap files are identical on all our machines -
> TERMCAP gives identical results on both the machine that doesn't work and on
> the ones that do.

Wolf N. Paul replied with the best answer:

> Yes. vi does not use termcap, but terminfo.
> Look at the tree under /usr/lib/terminfo. There should be a directory
> for each letter of the alphabet and each digit, with corresponding
> terminfo files in the directories (i.e. vtXXX terminfos should be in
> /usr/lib/terminfo/v, xterm should be in /usr/lib/terminfo/x, etc.).
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The simple solution was to copy in terminfo entries from one of the machines
which did not have the problem. It works.

Why, though, did this one server not have the same terminfo entries as all the
others? I'd only installed the OS 2 weeks before.... the reason seems to have
been that I did not install the SunView_Users software category.

I believe this is because this particular server was the only one which did
not have that category. Also, suggested that they use
setkeys reset when they have such problems. The "setkeys" program is
installed with SunView_Users. (You can tell, I'm just guessing, however there
you have it - different terminfo entries, for most terminal types, on this
server, than every other machine on our net. Just installed OS on this server
too - only 2 weeks ago).

However, I've had no luck in working out exactly how adding SunView_Users
would effect the necessary changes - I installed SunView_Users, but it doesn't
install new terminfo entries. There doesn't seem to be anything that tic(8V)
could work on,either, in that category.

I'll leave it at that - for now I'll copy across the vt100 and xterm terminfo
entries. But if anyone happens to know if I am on the right track with
SunView_Users, and in turn what further steps I need to take, I'd be

        Some wit also replied that I should not use vi at all.

(inevitable, really..:-) - have you ever seen people walk out of the "vi"
section of a UNIX course...)

Thanks to all 2-dozen or so who replied - this is of course a fantastic list.

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