SUMMARY: *** Installing Dataless clients ***

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Date: Thu Feb 20 1992 - 19:17:15 CST

Sorry for the delay of the summary, I had unexpected surgery and
was out for a while. But now, I'm baaaack.

I asked the following questions:
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We are just about to upgrade from many 3/60's and 3/80's to IPC's.
We have chosen to make them all dataless clients.

Will it be necessary to include a line in /etc/exports for all these
machines to boot ?

/usr -root=ipc1:ipc2:ipc3 ... to machine n.
/cdrom -ro
/export/exec/sun4.sunos.4.1.1 -root=ipc1:ipc2:ipc3 ... ditto
/export/exec/kvm/sun4c.sunos.4.1.1 -root=ipc1:ipc2:ipc3 ... ditto

I tried the entries with just:

but the machines wouldn't boot. So the questions are really:

        1) Why do I need to specifically state root= ...
        2) Will I need an entry for every machine or can I set up a netgroup ?
        3) Number of max entries on a line ?
        4) Estimated max number of IPC's served dataless from 470 or 490 ?

All machines are running 4.1.1b

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The answers:

The general consensus is that I was confused during my initial studies and mixed
data from diskless and dataless clients. So, that said ......

1) Not necessary

2) Use netgroups, it's fun and easy ;-)

3) This varied from 255 bytes to 4k bytes, shouldn't be a problem.

4) This also varied from 20 to 40 for a 4/490. I am serving 45 with
        no significant problems. Since all users were upgraded from
        diskless 3/60's and 3/80's to dataless 4/40's, everyone sees a
        speed improvement.

Here is an example of /etc/exports using netgroup:

/home/carrier -access=AllHosts
# Must export /usr *first*.
/usr -access=AllHosts
/export/exec/kvm/sun4c.sunos.4.1.1 -access=CarSparcClients
#/usr/share -access=CarSparcClients
/var/spool/mail -access=CarSparcClients
# Clients with NFS swap
/export/root/america -access=america,root=america
/export/swap/america -access=america,root=america
/export/root/jfk -access=jfk,root=jfk
/export/swap/jfk -access=jfk,root=jfk
# Clients with local swap
/export/root/hancock -access=hancock,root=hancock
/export/root/intrepid -access=intrepid,root=intrepid

CarSparcClients (nimitz,,) \
                (intrepid,,) \
                (america,,) \
                (jfk,,) \
                (midway,,) \
                (vinson,,) \
                (wasp,,) \
                (langley,,) \
                (yorktown,,) \
                (hancock,,) \
                (lincoln,,) \
                (enterprise,,) \

CarClients CarSparcClients

Servers (carrier,,) \

AllHosts CarClients Servers

Thanks to:
milt@PE-Nelson.COM (Milt Ratcliff)
joerg @ (Joerg Theuerkauf) (Geert Jan de Groot)
Tony.sbd-e@RX.Xerox.COM (Tony Christie) (Hal Pomeranz) (Frank Kuiper) (David Williams) (Michael Maciolek) (Kevin McElearney) (Mario Nigrovic)

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