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From: Alastair Young (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1992 - 21:29:04 CST

Original Question:
> We have a couple of Versatec plotters, a V80 monochrome and a 2766 colour.
> We used to have these connected (not particularly successfully) to a 3/180
> via the VMEbus Systech interface. The 3/180 is on its way out but we now
> have a resurgence in the need to use the plotters. It would be really useful
> if we could plug them into a SparcStation (we have 1,1+ and 2). So, is there
> an SBUS card which will drive Versatecs?
> My Sun catalogue lists the following possibles (ie, parallel interfaces)
> SBus Printer Card X1130A
> Serial Parallel Controller X1008
> Will either/both of these do? Are there 3rd party alternatives?
> Also any tales of woe/happiness relating to the topic of Sparc/SunOS/Versatec
> would be very welcome.

IKON 10105 TTL Versatec interface $ 640 now
Bill Waddington 10104 Differential Versatec $ 640 now
Tel: 206-728-1633 interface
Fax: 206-728-1633

Suggestion that this is preferred by Valid who are, like us, now Cadence.


TEXAS MICROSYSTEMS SBC-70: Differential Versatec $795 now
Telemarketing interface
Tel: 800-627-8700
Fax: 713-933-1029

VERSATEC Model 116 Versatec Plotter $1,200 now
Lily Lee Louie interface
Tel: 408-988-2800
Fax: 408-970-0287 750 quid UK from Versatec salesdroid

We use a Versatec 8836 with serial interface. It does a good job, but is
slow for > 2 Mbyte jobs.

        We have an 10S(single parallel) and a 210S(single parallel,
dual serial) that has been tested with a versatec 86xx series plotter.
The V80 hasn't been tested but I don't see a problem with this
configuration working. If you have any questions concerning pricing
information contact Ed Pacyna at 617-290-4800.
        Jeff Martin
        Sr. Support Analyst
        Aurora Technologies
----------------------------------------------------------------------Danford Corp. makes two products that have parallel interfaces (Centronics).
Our SPPE (serial parallel port expander) is an SBus card that has 4 serial
ports and 1 parallel port. The HPPP (high performance parallel port) is
an SBus card that has a single parallel port. The HPPP can sustain transfer
rates of over 2Mbytes/second. Both products come with a loadable device
driver. Danford is located in San Pedro, CA, USA at (310) 514-9334.

Bruce T. Hill
Project Manager
Danford Corporation
350 W. 5th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731

(unclear if this is suitable, as I am unclear if versatec is a "normal"
parallel interface-Al)

We drive a 2700 from a SBus Printer Card. We also drove it from a Sun 3/80 but
with less pretty results. In fact any Centronics port should do it.

Jim Ziobro

(Interesting, does this mean that the Sun X1008 will do the job? We are
considering buying one of these anyway-Al)


Conclusion: There are a number of cards on the market, the cheapest being the
Ikon (which is also the one mentioned in the SunOS manual, which is a good
sign). On the other hand it *may be* possible to drive it from the "normal"
Sun parallel ports. If I get word that this is really possible, I will
email to anyone who wants to know.

Thanks to all who responded.

Alastair Young
Systems Supervisor

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