SUMMARY - postscript file printing problem

From: Mitch Baltuch (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1992 - 20:59:56 CST

original problem:

we have a number of users who are having problems printing out a postscript file
to a sparcprinter with newsprint. the files in question are postscript files
which have been created by the interleaf desktop publishing software. we can
print the files with no problem to an older sun laser printer and a silentwriter
with a straight lpr command. unfortunately, we do not have the newer sparc-
printer or newsprint, so i can't check out what the problem is. has anyone
else run into this before.

the solution, or possibly lack of one:

i received answers from several people:

with one exception everyone noted that this was a known problem and due to a
bug in xview. Birger Wathne suggested i try the bug xnews patch as this will
fix several problems within xview. i have passed this piece of advice on to
the people having the problem, but not having this specific setup i can't check
it out myself.

one interesting comment came from Echkard R"uggeberg:

> From Wed Feb 19 03:57:13 1992
> Date: Wed, 19 Feb 92 11:56:28 +0100
> From: (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
> To:
> Subject: Re: postscript file printing problem
> Content-Length: 421
> I have a document, got it from Sun themselves, starting with
> %!PS-Adobe-2.0
> %%Creator: Copyright(c) 1990 by Interleaf, Inc.
> I can neither print it nor load it into pageview or ghostscript. Sun says it prints well on
> their SPARCprinter, and I say : so what ?
> There seems to be a non-PostScript-Standard problem either with Interleaf which some versions
> of NeWSprint can handle.
> Eckhard R"uggeberg

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