SUMMARY: Need printcap entry/Printing problems

From: Michael D. Reynolds (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1992 - 02:17:32 CST

Hi sun-managers, another tardy summary
my original message was..

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1) Does anyone out there have a printcap entry for a Hewlwtt-Packard
   HP7580B that works!

2) I'm having a problem with a DECstation 5000 running Ultrix 4.1
   sending print jobs to a SPARCprinter that is connected to a
   SPARC 2 (and works fine). I need the printcap entry for the
   Ultrix side. This is what I am using now an seems to hang with
   one job in the queue...
# entry for a remote Sun SPARCprinter NeWSprint printer
lp5|sparc|lj1|Sun SPARCprinter NeWSprint printer:\

lpc> stat lp5
        queuing is enabled
        printing is enabled
        1 entry in spool area
        no daemon present

I can flush the queue and restart the lpd daemon or reboot to reset
everything but the next time something is printed to lp5 it will Hang
with jobs in the queue. (aaarg!)

Other Info:

DEC side: DECstation 5000 running Ultrix 4.1
Sun side: SPARC2 running 4.1.1b w/NeWSprint 1.0

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1) Here are the 2 printcap entries I received for the HP7580B... but they
   were for someone else here so I have not tried them out. I'm sending them
   prematurely because of the requests I've received for them.

> From yangtze!congo!mhansen@snowbird.Central.Sun.COM

This works for me:

# HP 7580B Pen plotter
hp|HP 7580B plotter:\

> From auratek!jeff@uunet.UU.NET

Printcap for HP7580B:

        Jeff Martin
        Sr. Support Analyst
        Aurora Technologies

2) The second solution for printing from an Ultrix box to a Sun connected
   printer. My problem wasn't the printcap entry but the spool directory
   on the sun that the Ultrix box was printing to was NFS mounted off
   another sun. Apparently this is to much for the lpd to handle. I think
   I read something about this problem on sun-managers some time ago.

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