SUMMARY: Re: rcp(Remote copy)

From: Quang Dangtran (adac!wizard!quangd@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Mon Feb 10 1992 - 19:09:05 CST

Thank you I have got many responses to my question. And here is the results:

Here is my original question:
> Does anyone know why I could not do just a simple command like:
> >rcp host:/tmp/file .
> It prints out the error as follow:
> "stty: TCGETS: Operation not supported on socket"
You probably have an 'stty' command in your .cshrc file on the remote machine.
Since rcp spawns a shell on the remote machine, your .cshrc (or .profile)
file is processed. Obviously, stty is an inappropriate command for a
non-interactive shell invocation. Generally, one should put things
like stty in the .login file. Alternatively, check within the .cshrrc script
to be sure you are interactive.
You have a stty command in your .cshrc or .profile that is not
checking to see if it's in an interactive session. Your .cshrc, for
example should look something like this:

if ($?prompt) then # executed only if the shell is interactive
  stty intr '^c' susp '^z'

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