SUMMARY: MIPS ratings for sun 3/160

From: Peter Kaldis (peter@Civil.Concordia.CA)
Date: Tue Feb 11 1992 - 16:29:11 CST

About a week ago I posted asking if anyone
knew what the MIPS ratings on a Sun 3/160 is.

Well I got several responses from people quoting
actual Sun literature figures. The consesus is
that this machine is about 3 mips. (68020 CPU
@16.67 MHz). Also the addition of an FPA board
will not change this figure, but does improve
the MFLOPS rating (didn't get any numbers for
this, unfortunately). No one had any SPECmark
ratings for this machine. (still looking...)

NOTE: It was pointed out to me by several people
that MIPS are really not a good measure of the
performance of a machine. The rating can easily
be affected by things such as the compiler, and
what libraries are (not)linked into the benchmark.
(One gentlemen is getting 6 mips out of his machine!)
But for reasons to lengthy to discuss here It was
necessary for me to obtain these figures. Thanks
to all who responed!

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