Alternative ways to sync disks (was: username 'sync')

From: Alexander Dupuy (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1992 - 14:52:18 CST

Don't want to interrupt the little flame-fest here about how exactly to break
the sync account and get a uid=1 shell, but I deleted the sync account from the
Suns here a few years back when I learned how to force a sync from the PROM

For old style PROMS (non-Forth):

        L1-A (key chord to get attention of PROM monitor)
> g 0 (PROM command to jump to location zero)
        panic: zero
        syncing disks... 13 11 [6] 5 4 3 2 1
        [etc. lots of crash messages]

For new style PROMS (SPARCstations, SPARCserver MPs)

        L1-A (key chord to get attention of PROM monitor)
        (type b to boot, c to continue, n for new mode)
> n
        ok sync (if setenv sunmon-compat? false, just do this)


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