SUMMARY: rpc.lockd: RPC: can't encode arguements

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Sun Feb 02 1992 - 11:22:55 CST

I complained about:
Our sun386i running 4.0.2 is reporting 'RPC: can't encode arguements'
every few seconds. It seems to be coming from rpc.lockd, in that if
rpc.lockd is killed, the messages stop.
I had a few replies, with different ideas:

1) Someone is experimenting with remote procedure calls.
        This isn't happening, at least not to my knowledge on any machine
        with access to the 386i.

2) Third party software (Lotus, Autocad) can do this. Install patch 100075-06
to fix lockd bugs.
        No-one uses either of these two packages here, the patch isn't
        for 386i's. Although it may apply to Our Sun4{c} machines.
        This suggestion was close, but I think the next is correct:
> This may not be true for you but, the only time I have seen this error
> is when file locking is enabled in Word Perfect. We had the same thing
> until I shut-off file locking in WP.
We are, unfortunately, heavy users of WordPerfect. Just prior to when the
error began, I was helping a user convert a WP4.2 file to WP5.0, in
a remote login to an SS1. Although I have disabled file-locking in WP,
it may not apply to the 'convert' incantation. It's entirely possible
that we exited from WP in a way that it failed to clean up after itself.

In any case, I let the machine run overnight to see if things would change,
but the boss re-booted everything (!) early in the morning, before I
got in. He says the error message stopped after re-booting the suspect SS1.

Chalk another one up to WordPerfect.

Thanks to:
 and the others, sorry I prematurely deleted your addresses.

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