SUMMARY: Dump parameters for HP DAT/DDS tape drive..

From: Ricardo Marek (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1992 - 09:58:52 CST

Hello Folks..

First of all, many thanks to all the ones that replied my posting, and
for the ones that didn't have the courage to ask, here are the answers

  Source Dens.(bpi) Size (ft)

- From HP guys: 6,250 (Try the maximum size, it must work)

- Digital on TLZ 61,000 12,500 (60mt tape)
                                        18,300 (90mt tape)

- SUN Sources 50,000 60,000 (90mt tape)

- Hebrew University 56,974,055 1,960 (90mt tape)

Some said about for a 5GB tapes, use 3,000,000 size for a 60mt tape
without setting the density (Nigel Metheringham)

I didn't have the chance to test these parameters, but You, may enjoy them.

--- Ricky


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