SUMMARY: SCSI -> RS232 serial converter

From: Marcel Bernards (bernards@ECN.NL)
Date: Thu Jan 30 1992 - 17:31:56 CST

Thanx all Sun-MGR's

This list is great...

I received several suggestions and even a phone call about the serial
port expantion problems we have.

Some suggested a S-BUS card on my Sun SLC , but it does _not_ have
a S-BUS, so I suspect they don't have any SLC or ELC at their site.

Several mentioned Central Data as a possible solution, but it is not
clear if it is supported on other platforms than Sun ( i.e. HP-710)
Pretty low priced product ( < $1500 )

some others mentioned the Xylogics Terminal server with some special software
to create devices which handles modem control signals from the server.

Annex seems to have a similar Terminal server which can do SLIP/CLSIP
running on the Terminalserver.

A warning was given that the SCSI solution will hit disc performance badly
but I'm not sure if this will apply to the Central Data Box.

Someone in NL mentioned a Vector Technology VPX 128 serial multiplexer
serial interface. It will give you /dev/ttyx[1-7] on your system
with full modem support. Not sure who sells them here in Europe.

Thanx to: (Joost van Vroonhoven) (Jaap Romers)
   Stefan Mochnacki <>
   zardoz!uninet!neil@uunet.UU.NET (Neil Gorsuch) (Hal Pomeranz)
   "Donald A. MacLeod" <>
   synapsis!cristian@Sun.COM (Christian Candia White) (Russ Poffenberger) (Kam Tim Chan)
   kla!lim@Sun.COM (Bill Lim)
   rnw@math.Princeton.EDU (Cheryl L. Southard) (Jaap Romers) (John Uhley)

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