SUMMARY: too many .nfs files

From: Michael Maciolek (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1992 - 09:22:01 CST

All set! Sun-managers does it again. Thanks to all.

The essence of my question was:
|We're running 4.1.1 on Sun3, 3x, 4 and 4c platforms, with the following
|set of patches installed:
| 100173-06: NFS jumbo patch
| <and many others - list deleted>
|The problem, simply put, is that we're being deluged, inundated, and
|otherwise swamped by .nfs* files. Not only that, but we're generating
|a lot of them.

THE ANSWER: I got 10 people all telling me the same thing, patch 100173-06
has a bug, get 100173-07 and everything will be fine.
|BUGID: 1070654 (Nov-5-91)
| When files are recreated, it is marked as being in use such
| that removal of the file results in a .nfsXXX file being created
| and unmount is not possible.
Thanks to:
Michael.Meyers@Corp.Sun.COM (Michael Meyers) (Brett Chapman x7-4391)
Tim Rylance <>
Steve Lodin <deaes!>
Dan Oscarsson <>
James Pearson <>
John DiMarco <> (Scott Allendorf)
"Paul (Cliffy) Palmer" <>

Special thanks to Brett Chapman who actually sent me the
current version of this patch.

I also got this note from stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern), referring
to something that sounds like a different bug/patch. Anyone else having
a similar problem after ruling out an old version of 100173 might find
this useful:
|there's a bug that causes .nfsXXX files to be generated by
|a hyperactive nfs client side (:-)).
|i think there's a patch but i don't have the number handy
|(might be 100424, but i don't really remember).

Other responses from
Teresa.Beyer@EBay.Sun.COM (Terry Beyer) (Mark Plotnick) (Ian MacPhedran) (Steve Cariglia)
David Fetrow <> (Chuck Yerkes)
mks! (Andy Toy)
Chip Christian <>

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