SUMMARY: SunView broken on IPC

From: Anthony Yen (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1992 - 11:03:23 CST

Thanks to all who replied.


No cause found; resolution was to re-install OS.


"Anthony A. Datri" <> wrote:

        Look in /dev amd make sure that all 129 win* devices exist and
        are appropriately protected.

Jon Peatfield (on kronos) <> also suggested
the same.

These IPCs were configured for only 96 /dev/win* devices, and the ones
on the faulty client matched ones on a working client.

There were a whole slew of people who suggested that the PATH
environment variable wasn't set correctly. I used my own account,
which adjusts for this, and it still didn't work. The contributors
with this advice were: (Brett Chapman x7-4391)
deltam!dm!mark@uunet.UU.NET (mark galbraith)
"John R Ruckstuhl Jr" <> (Eckhard Rueggeberg) ( Michael Maciolek )
Mike Raffety <>
"Paul (Cliffy) Palmer" <> (Ron Stanonik)

The most drastic, but also the most sure suggestion was to just
re-install. (Martin Kelly) suggested this.

One interesting suggestion that I did not opt for (because I don't
have the time to wade through the output) was from Ted Nolan SRI Ft
Bragg <>:

        I would suggest running SunView under the trace command, and
        then look for operations that fail (produce -1) in the trace
        output. I generally find that looking at what "open()" calls
        are made can be helpful.

Mike Raffety <> also made this suggestion in passing. (Dan Kegel) wrote:

        Did you try a minimal .sunview? Perhaps one of the programs
        in it isn't able to run. I think .sunview startup is serial
        and blocking.

Jon Peatfield (on kronos) <> wrote:

        Check ... that any programs sunview uses have the correct
        permissions (some may be setuid) (in /bin/sunview*) Can
        sunview start up for root?

Sunview did not start up for root, which I found very peculiar. I
also noticed that the SunView applications which do not run (all
except for perfmon and clock) core dump when I attempt to execute

Since we just upgraded our fileserver to a 670 MP and SunOS 4.1.2,
it's time to migrate the clients anyways. This leads me to my next
question to the list, which will be posted separately.

Thanks again to all who contributed.

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