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Here is the summary re sunflash. I have a large mail folder on it,
which includes some sample mail from sunflash which I have not
included. If anyone wants that folder I can mail it toi them.
Thanks to all that replied, as many of you sent the same answer,
I have delete all lot of the replies I got. Thanks to all
that replied !

Here is the information that I have on sunflash. I find it very
useful; it basically sends out SUN press releases and SUN and 3rd
party SUN related product information. For further information contact
John McLaughlin at flash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM.

  # Sunflash is an electronic mail news service from Sun Microsystems,
  # Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. It is targeted at Sun Users and
  # Customers. For additional information about SunFlash send mail to
  # info-sunflash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM
  # If you want to be added to the SunFlash alias, please contact the
  # systems engineers at your local Sun office and/or send mail to
  # sunflash-request@sunvice.East.Sun.COM.
  # All prices, availability, and other statements relating to Sun or third
  # party products are valid in the U.S. only. Please contact your local
  # Sales Representative for details of pricing and product availability in
  # your region.
  # Address comments to the SunFlash editor (John McLaughlin) at
  # sun!sunvice!flash or flash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM. (305) 776-7770.
  sunflash-request: sunflash-request@sunvice.East.Sun.COM
  sunflash-info: info-sunflash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM
  sunflash-editor: flash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM

Michael S. Maiten Internet:
Energetic Systems UUCP: ensys!msm
Telephone: +1 415 967-5538 (...!sun!bridge2!ensys!msm)

        Summary of The Florida SunFlash For New Subscribers

The Florida SunFlash is an electronic news service for Sun Microsystems
computer users. It is distributed by more than 90 Sun offices and by
about 40 Sun Local Users Groups in more than 35 countries. The Florida
SunFlash has a subscription base of more that 40,000 Sun users.

This is the November table of contents for the Florida SunFlash. If
there are any items that you missed and really want to see, please send
the required volume.issue numbers to

For more information about SunFlash, send mail to info-sunflash thus:
        $ mail info-sunflash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM
        Subject: info

(a) What Is SunFlash ?
(b) Who Distrbutes SunFlash ?
(c) Summary of the messages sent to SunFlash last month

To subscribe to SunFlash, send mail to sunflash-request@sunvice.East.Sun.COM
or to your local Sun sales office (see list of distrbutors).

                        What Is SunFlash

SunFlash is a moderated e-mail based news service from Sun Microsystem's
sales office in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, USA.

This service was created for South Florida Sun Users and Customers. It
is now being distributed to more than 40 Sun Offices so that they can further
distribute SunFlash to their Users and Customers.

The types of messages that are posted to SunFlash include:
        o Sun Press Releases
        o Sun Product announcements
        o Sun Promotions
        o Sun Education Promotions
        o Sun Federal Promotions
        o Sun User Groups announcements
        o Monthly Software Technical Bulletin table of contents
        o Sun Consulting Specials
        o USENET articles of interest
        o 3rd Party Product announcements
        o Sun-related Trade Rags' Table Of Contents

When other Sun offices found out about SunFlash they asked that we add
them and their customers to the SunFlash list. To keep the overhead of
managing this list low, we have arranged SunFlash as a hierarchy of
email aliases. Each office has a list of customers that they forward
SunFlash to. Each customer creates an alias on their own machine.

Customer Admin
        - creates sunflash alias for their own users
          (adds, deletes, modifies users as necessary)
Sun Office Admin
        - creates sunflash alias for this offices's customers.
          (adds, deletes, modifies customers as necessary
Sun Ft. Lauderdale Sunflash editor
        - adds, deletes. modifies Sun Offices and Sun customers that
          are on the internet

More that 80 Sun sales offices all around the world distribute
SunFlash to their own customers. The national Sun Users Group
distributes SunFlash to more than 40 Sun Local Users groups.

                    + sun -------------+--customer!sunflash
                    | California
sunvice |
Ft. Lauderdale------+ sunatl!sunflash---+-customer!sunflash
                    | Atlanta |
                    | +-customer!sunflash
                    + sunfla!sunflash---+-customer!sunflash
                    | Orlando |
                    | +-customer!sunflash
                    etc etc etc

As Sun, Ft. Lauderdale is part of Sun's Wide Area Network (SWAN), we
are happy to forward SunFlash directly to Sun offices. As SWAN is
connected to 'The Internet' many customers are easily accessible.

If you want to subscribe to SunFlash, please follow these steps:

1] create an alias on your own machine thus:
        owner-sunflash: <you or your system admin>
        sunflash: <list of readers>

2] test your alias !
        Use /usr/lib/sendmail -bv sunflash
        Send test messages telling your subscribers that they have
        been added to your new alias. (You could send this message
        as a test message.)

3] send mail to your local Sun sales office with a copy to me. Ask
   that they add you to their sunflash alias. If they don't have one,
   I will work with them to create one. (

              Organisations that Distribute SunFlash
                     Last update: 10/18/90

The SunFlash mailing list is distributed via a heirarchy of alises.
This is a list of the organisations, especially Sun offices, that are
known to distribute SunFlash.

Note that the version of SunFlash that is sent to the International
offices is not identical to the USA version. It is our policy not to
include USA prices or USA specific promotions in the international

If you are a subscriber to SunFlash and your distributor is not
included in the following list, please tell me how you are getting

I use this list to help direct requests to be added to the SunFlash
mailing list to the appropriate distributor. You can help me by sending
corrections or additions to

I do not maintain a list of Sun customers that subscribe to SunFlash.
That would be useful aid to direct new requests to existing subscribers
but it would also be too much work !

The distrbution list is divided into five parts:

        o United States Of America
        o Latin America
        o International
        o Sun User Groups
        o Private Bulletin boards


Country Email Contact

Australia Simon Woodhead
Canada Stephen Sparrow
Denmark Peter Lange
                                                         (Nokia Data A/S DK)
France mmorin@France Marie-Laure Morin
Germany Gernot Ullrich
Holland Loek Landman
Hong Kong Don Wong
Italy Marco Barsotti
Korea O.H. Lee
Norway Jon Petter Bjerke
                                                        (Skrivervik Data A/S)
New Zealand greg@NewZealand Greg Sitters
South America nick@Sun Nick Weston
Switzerland NGUYEN Thinh Vi
UK Conrad Wace
UK (European HQ) Roy Heselden

                        Sun User Groups

The list of Sun Local Users Groups (SLUGs) that distribute SunFlash is
maintained by Miyoung Byun, More than 40 SLUGS
now distrbute SunFlash. Please direct all SLUG related questions to

                     Private Bulletin boards

SunFlash messages are often converted into private bulletin boards.
Typically, these newsgroups are private to a company or University or
a country. I have not been collecting the names and restrictions for
these bulletin boards. If you see SunFlash via such a mechanism,
please tell me so that I can update this list.

Name Type Organisation Restrictions ?

sun.sunflash USENET newsgroup Sun Microsystems Company Private
sfnet.lists.sunflash USENET newsgroup Finland National

John J. McLaughlin ( (305) 776-7770


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Hi Paul ...

I don't know about sun-flash uk, but I get mine from "flashadm@sunvice.East.Sun.COM". According to my list, the request for sun-flash is sunflash-request@sunvice.East.Sun.COM. I understand that things are a little slow right now (administratively), but I am getting my announcements. Sun-flash, as I am sure you know, is Sun and Sun-related product announcements.

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