SUMMARY: Can one connect to a T1600 w/uucico when modem passwords are enabled?

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Sat Jan 18 1992 - 18:39:22 CST

Per the subject line, I asked if one could connect to a Telebit T1600
using uucico (SUN -> SUN) *when* the modem password feature is enabled (S46=3).

I received two responses (shown below), but nothing conclusive.
I've hashed this one over w/Telebit, and a number of people, and
the conclusion seems to be that it just won't work.
So I've switched over to a software modem password check (not quite
as secure) which seems to work (thanx to Mike Willett at

Thanx again for the responses,

Alek Komarnitsky 303-449-0649
Software Tools Manager, Spatial Technology, Inc. 2425 55th Street, Bldg A Boulder, CO 80301-5704

P.S. OK, I tried typing words at the PROM "new" mode and a bunch of stuff
     got listed (curious what all it is?). Typed a few of 'em in, but not much
     seemed to happen: cold does what it implies (power cycle to recover).

"Hilarie Orman" <> said:
Two guesses. One is that the calling UUCP may be resetting the modem values
prior to placing the call, resulting in a mismatch at connect time. Another
is that you are terminating the password with return when the modem expects
newline, or vice versa.
> This is real possibility, but I tried all sorts of combinations of
> not sending CR, etc., but still couldn't make it work. (Paul Lind) said:
I had a related problem when setting up uucp, though I did not try to use
the modem passwords. The problem involved an apparent SunOS requirement that
the uucp login on my end be done with even parity. I have found no way
around this at this time. If any of the SunManagers smarter than me have
found out how to login uucp with 8bit no parity, I'd love to hear about
it. Details follow, maybe you can make more sense of it than I have:
> Does adding a P_ZERO to the chat script help this?

[... additional other comments about specific configuration items]

To reiterate, it seems that something in SunOS forces the uucp login to
take place using 7bit, even parity, then switches to 8bit no parity for the
actual transfer.
> Not sure I entirely buy that, but there seems to be something brain-dead
> about uucico (?) [on the other hand, I could be brain-dead! ;-) ]

The only solution I found was to have the machine dialing in set for 7bit
even parity also.
> Unfortunately not doable, since the T1600 appears to force 8N for the password

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