SUMMARY: Lifeline and POP2

From: Christian Candia White (synapsis!cristian@Sun.COM)
Date: Tue Jan 21 1992 - 12:09:56 CST

Hi Sun-managers,

        My original question was :

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Hi sun-managers,

        Does anybody know how install PC-NFS Lifeline's mail using the POP option ???. I install de daemon in the server, and edit the /etc/services file, and configure the Lifeline's mail, and I get the following error when I try to retrive my mail :

                Protocol Error Detected.

The POP2 server send back an incorrect reply to a command. This usually
indicates a transient error on the server. If it persists contact your
network administrator".

        The error persists, and I'm the network adminstrator. So I need help !!!.

Christian Candia
Synapsis S.A.

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I get only 3 responses to my question, two of them said something like :

        "Are you sure that you are doing all right ???".

The other one ask me : what happen with the Sun sopport in Chile ??. ( If somebody else want to know more about Chile, just call me. No problem !!!).

So how is impossible for me made a mistake, :-), i look in the source code of the pop deamon ( popd.c ), who come in the first disk of PC-NFS's Lifeline. And I found in the routine who check the user identification ( check_user() ) the error : this routine don't have an "return(0)" when found one valid user. Then when the deamon try to verify the user identification, the result of this rutine is impredictable, and Lifeline generate the "Protocol Error" message.

Thanks to:
Ted Nolan
Dustin Clampitt
Marc Hansen mahnsen@nile.bga

Christian Candia W.
Synapsis S.A.

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