SUMMARY: What to do with this 3/260?

From: Robertson J.S. MAJ (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1992 - 01:50:08 CST

Over the holidays, I posted this question:

> Our network, consisting of 11 Sparcstations, was just issued a used diskless
> Sun 3/260. Though it came with a monochrome monitor, the machine requires a
> color monitor. (This was due to a politically irreversible mixup.)
> In its present state, it seems pretty useless. Nevertheless,
> there may be some potential for this device to add to our network. For those
> sun-managers with Sun 3 experience, what would you advise? Buy a disk drive?
> a color monitor? Something else?

I received numerous replies that more or less broke down into the following
three catagories:

1. Trade it in for an upgrade.

2. Buy a monochrome frame-buffer.

3. Keep it for its VME bus.

Most respondents recommeded option 1. Given that Sun will no longer support
new releases of SunOS for this architecture, this is waht we'll probably do.
We have no need of option 3, but that might be a viable one for sites with that
need. Meanwhile, I'll just leave it turned off. Seems a shame, but, as almost
everyone pointed out, it brings nothing to the table now.

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