SUMMARY: stale NFS handle/can not do cnvt

From: Amir Katz (matis!amir@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Thu Jan 16 1992 - 01:38:35 CST

A few days ago I posted a query about the abovementioned message:

>> All of a sudden (probably after some NFS server died), I started to get
>> these messages on my SS1+ console: [The second message was slightly
>> different but I don't have any hardcopy. I'm sure about the "cnvt"].
>> fcntl: stale NFS handle
>> rpc.lockd: can not do cnvt
>> [ deleted...]

I apologize for not RTFM'ing - somewhere there is a reference to the
/etc/sm* files.

Here is the summary of responses received so far. Thanks to everybody who

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1. Sun has a new patch, 100075-08, for the rpc.lockd problems.
   (get -07 or higher).

ravi kagalavadi
Hal Stern stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM
J. Matt Landrum
Mark Galbraith

2. Try killing your statd & lockd, then clean out /etc/sm*, then restart

Mike Raffety

3. Usually the only way to get out is restart rpc.lockd AND
   rpc.statd and sometimes even the application that's doing the locking.

Frank Ooms,

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