SUMMARY: SunOS Printing Problem

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1992 - 12:58:55 CST

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I'm logged into Chern and try to print something to the printer on
Bourbaki. Nothing happens, so I do an "lpq", which says: /usr/lib/lpd: Your host does not have line printer access waiting for queue to be enabled on
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I received four quick replies, all telling me to add "chern" to my
/etc/hosts.lpd file. This only added to my confusion, since I'm not
using a /etc/hosts.lpd file.

However, Carol ( mentioned that, regardless of
whether I'm using hosts.equiv or hosts.lpd, I must use EXACT filenames
and no aliases. I checked the hosts.equiv file on the printserver,
and I found: chern

Chern was the only host with an additional alias, therefore Chern was
the only host that wasn't printing properly. Thanks to all who replied.


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