SUMMARY: add_client disk info update?

From: Jonathan (trudel@porthos.RUTGERS.EDU)
Date: Fri Jan 17 1992 - 15:49:24 CST

My original question regarded finding

It turns out that pre-configured Suns don't come with the program
/usr/etc/install/get_disk_info online (shaem, shame, Sun). I finally
found a copy elsewhere (I would presume that it's somewhere on the
boot CD).

get_disk_info is the program that suninstall calls to configure the
disks. If you've added disks after the fact, run it, select your new
disk, and use the existing partition table if you've partitioned
before. Label the online disk partitions in the MOUNT PT column, and
"PRESERVE" them. When you are "done with this form", it writes out
new /etc/install/disk_info.XXX files for each disk you entered info
for, and exits.


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