PPP and friends, summary

From: benson@odi.com
Date: Fri Jan 17 1992 - 19:15:08 CST

Here goes:

So you want TCP/IP over serial lines. First, a little history:

first there was slip. Slip sent raw IP packets over serial lines.
That consumes bandwidth in wholesale quantities. It had no error

Then Van Jacobson (I've probably mispelled him) went to work on ,
amongst other things, IP compression. He produced cslip. Far as I can
tell, cslip, for Compressed Slip, was almost instantly rendered
obsolete by PPP, for Point to Point Protocol. PPP is the official
serial IP protocol blessed by the people who bless such things.

For sun's, there's a PD PPP available on uunet. I'm using it
as I type this between a sun3 in my house and an IPC at my office,
over a brace of T1600's with quite respectable performance, so long
as I don't try to do anything much else at the same time as a big
file copy.

I haven't tried NFS yet.

X works pretty good, though line editors like bash are slugish.

In my initial message, I asked about PC's.

PC-NFS comes with plain old slip. I haven't tried it.
FTP software's product can come with PPP. I also haven't tried it.
The public domain KA9Q can do PPP, I'm told, but it has no NFS.

So the summary of the summary is: PPP is the wave of the future.

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