SUMMARY: Need help pulling SIMMS

From: David A. Lafko (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 18:47:05 CST

Another happy customer :-) Thirty-four responses (and counting) just a
few hours later.

My question was how to pull SIMMS from a SPARCstation 1 and if there
was a tool that made it easier. This is one of those "easy if you've
done it before" questions.

Yes, there is a specific tool for pulling SIMMS. Many memory vendors
include the tool with memory purchases. (David N. Edwards) sent me a contact to
purchase the tool. Jensen Tools at (602)968-6231, Part #1B382. You
can get 2 for about $5.

Most people use tools commonly available, like screwdrivers, to pry the
SIMM up. The most popular tool, and the one I found works quite
nicely, is a small hex (aka alan) wrench. Put the short end of the L
through the hole in the SIMM side. Place the elbow of the wrench on
adjacent SIMM sockets and gently pry the SIMM up -- a little at a time
on each side. Simple -- once you've done it before.

The SPARCstations automatically recognize the new memory. You can use
either the Forth monitor or the eeprom program to set selftest-#megs
to the amount of memory tested on reset. (Default tests 1 MB) For
example, at the monitor prompt type:

> n
ok setenv selftest-#megs 32
ok reset

Thank you all.

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