SUMMARY: CDC 9720, Sun 7053, Rimfire 3200, and cables

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 18:47:26 CST

I asked for help in attaching a CDC 9720-1230 to a Sun 7053, or,
alternatively, information on attaching it to a Ciprico 3200.

after a few phone calls to the helpful people at Ciprico, and after
I corrected a misconception on my part about how to format and label
the disk, I got the 9720 working with the Ciprico controller. I
received several replies with specific info on the cable problem,
and also some help with the Ciprico. thanks to every one.
David Robinson
Aydin Edguer
Joe VanAndel
Charlie Taylor
Fabrice Le Metayer

Ned Danieley (
Basic Arrhythmia Laboratory
Box 3140, Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC  27710   (919) 660-5111 or 660-5100

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