Summary: Bad memory

From: Ronald Leenes (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 06:24:12 CST

Hi managers,

Here is a summary of responses to my Bad memory question.
The original posting was:

|I think I have a memory problem on my Sparc-1
|OpenWin complains about a Memory Fault
|When I boot I get:
|Jan 9 15:36:17 utbsrl1 vmunix: mem = 12288K (0xc00000)
|Jan 9 15:36:17 utbsrl1 vmunix: avail mem = 11309056
|test-memory gives:
|bad memory walking data test, and
|memory address not aligned
|Am I correct?
|How do I find out what's wrong?
|By the way: I don't have Sysdiag installed, nor can I install it in the |short run.

Most responders suggested that if there is a problem at all, then the best thing to do is swap one of the SIMMs with a fresh one until the problem is solved.

Sundiag doesn't seem to be useful for this kind of hardware problem.

Another suggestion: supply more info (machine, errormess. etc) next time.

I have not tried replacing SIMMs yet.

Thanks to:

Kevin Sheehan kalli!
Michael Sullivan trdlnk!mike
Terry Figel
Koper Jamgocya
Eckhard Rueggeberg

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