SUMMARY: Fixing Sun keyboards

From: Scott Runnels (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1992 - 18:21:32 CST

Regarding the repair of Sun console keyboards which have keys that
do not work, the following types of helpful suggestions were

  1.) Cleaning under the keys with compressed air blown in
        from above the keyboard.
  2.) Removing the back of the keyboard and cleaning the contacts
        with a solvent (isopropyl alchohol, distilled water,
        electronic parts cleaner) or even with more compressed
  3.) Trying the above cleaning by just prying off the keycap with
        a pocket knife, or preferably, two bent paper clips.
  4.) Closer inspection might reveal broken leads to the key. If so,
        these can be found with a magnifying glass and/or ohmeter.
        The leads can then be re-soldered together.
  5.) In some cases, there is a hardware problem with the key. This
        can be the "plunger" or a small plastic U shaped part which
        can break or come loose. Inspect working keys by removing the
        key cap as described above. Then repair the broken key by
        comparing to a working key and, if necessary, swapping out
        the plastic U part with a less needed key.

Most responses say that their method almost always works. Thanks to
all who responded:
 'Robert (Fletcher) Williams' <> (Geert Jan de Groot)
 Probert <>
 David Fetrow <> (Tim Priddy )
 Robert Haddick <> (Ralph Merwin) (Frank P. Bresz)
 Eble@RUF.Uni-Freiburg.DE (Axel Eble) (Shelley L. Shostak)
 aimla!ruby!jennine@uunet.UU.NET (Jennine Townsend) (Clive Beddall ) (Dave Minnich) (Debra Tivetsky)



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