SUMMARY: How do you get /etc/exports to use netgroups?

From: Alastair Young (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1992 - 10:37:15 CST

Huge response, thanks folks.

The answer is that you can use netgroups throughout /etc/exports EXCEPT with
the -root option. And -root is limited to eight hosts.

The workaround suggested is to designated a few "trusted" machines and put
these in the -root option on all machines. If you want to do root stuff,
you do it from there.

Thanks again for the overwhelming (and consistent) response.


original post:

>I checked the FAQ, it isn't there, but I'm sure this has been discussed
>before. We are connecting to another 'friendly' company's net. I
>wish to retain the ability to do stuff between machines as 'root' eg
>keeping filesystems consistent etc but I don't want anybody 'out there'
>with root access on their machines to hack my filesystems as root. So
>anon=0 is no good. exports(5) gives the answer as
>/filesystem -root=host1:host2:host3
>but I have 40 machines to play with and 40 exports files to be edited every
>time I add a machine to my net. exports(5) refers to netgroup(5) but does
>not give the syntax for netgroup use, nor does netgroup(5). Nothing I
>have tried works.
>Can it be done, and if so, what's the syntax?

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