SUMMARY: binary read/write problems with Sun Fortran 1.3.1

From: William LeFebvre (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1992 - 21:14:04 CST

Many responses. My thanks to all (too numerous to list).

This is a recognized bug, even listed in the RTF document according
to some.

It is bug ID 1042114 and is fixed with patch 100098-02.
Also, it is fixed in Fortran 1.4.

The bug is actually in the shared library, so a workaround is to
link the object files with -Bstatic.

There also appears to be a patch 100098-03:

Patch i.d. Bug i.d.'s Description
---------- ---------- -----------
100098-03 1042114 1044552
                        Fortran 1.3.1 multiple fixes: libf77 bug that aborts
                        on writes >= 16kb records; yacc/lex symbol name clash

I have not located a copy of this particular patch.

I was able to retrieve the patches from in
/pub/sun-fixes/lang. They had -02 but not -03.

Many people said that upgrading to 1.4 was the best course of action.
That is, unfortunately, not an option for us at this time.

The user who first complained about this is happy with the workaround
and the patches. My thanks to all.

                William LeFebvre
                Computing Facilities Manager and Analyst
                Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
                Northwestern University

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