SUMMARY Re: ckermit on Sparc2

From: Michael H. Morse (
Date: Mon Jan 06 1992 - 17:52:01 CST

Original question:

> Does anyone have this working? I am upgrading from 386i to Sparc2 and
> kermit used to work on SunOS 4.0.2 on the 386i. The version I was
> using (4E) gives a couple of compile errors on Sparc 2 (SunOS 4.1.1)
> but worse, doesn't want to download files (from Sun to PC). I got
> release 5A (alpha) and it compiles without warnings, but behaves the
> same. When downloading, kermit sends out its string of characters,
> but either the PC doesn't respond, or Kermit doesn't respond in turn
> to the PC.

Thanks to all that replied. Everyone said Kermit was fine, so I
realized that it must have been me. With the information that kermit
was OK, I easily determined that I had a parity mismatch. (One could
hope for better error handling, but that's a subject for another
list.) The compiler warnings had sent me down the wrong track.


Thanks to:

Chuck Foley <>
David Fetrow <>
"Michael S. Maiten" <>
Benjamin Clardy <>
Pete Hartman <>
Len Evens <>
Hal Pomeranz <>
"S. Cowles" <sybase!>
Rick Summerhill <>

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