Psuedo-SUMMARY::Sparc 2 running 4.1.1 hangs at boot

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Date: Mon Jan 06 1992 - 16:08:47 CST

Original Query:
> I have the following problem, our Sparc 2 died over the break, and I was wondering if this is a bad disk or what....
> The system was hung, but responded to an L1-A, After giving the b command
> for boot, It will give the fololowing response and hang.
> boot device : /sbus/esp@0, 800000 /sd@3,0 file and args:
> The system then does nothing..... Any thoughts as to what is the problem?
> The system has been power cycled to give the same result....
> Thanks in advance.
> please mail to
> thanks
> Terry Figel

        One useful thing I got was a probe-scsi command in the new command mode. I found out
that the Computer does actually see the disk.
        Currently I am trying to set it up to boot over the network, I can boot it from CD-ROM and tape, but neither of these allows you to mount a disk,
I tried tar'ing mount to a floppy, but the disk did not mount.....?
I got some responses thinking that it was an external disk, I should have stated it is an internal 207 Meg Quantum.... The system is 8 months old......
I do not want to re-install the disk as I have OW 3.0 beta on the disk, and do not have the
CD-ROMS of that on-site. It is a sparc2 GS, and won't run OW 2.0 in color...
Basically my probem is still the same, oh well, My guess is the /vmunix file is messed up.
How far would it get if that were the case?

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