summary: unknown ftp error

From: David Doll (
Date: Fri Dec 07 1990 - 10:42:50 CST

Wow! By the size and quickness of replys, I have to believe that I'm not the
first one to run into this...

Original query:
many ie0: no carrier and Dec 6 09:19:28 brillig vmunix: z53: silo overflow

loose connections; ...see that zs3 (my typo - xs3) is a SCSI port. The
message is saying an i/o buffer overflowed.; ...The "ie0: no carrier" message
is saying the Ethernet port has lost the Ethernet "heartbeat"...More generally
, they typically mean a loose connector or other physical connection failure,
although they can be caused by a heavy load on the network...

Many thanks to all who replyed, I appreciate your time.

David Doll
Human Interface Technology Lab
University of Washington
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Seattle, WA 98195
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