SUMMARY pmeg under 4.0.3

From: Tim Gibbs (
Date: Mon Dec 10 1990 - 08:44:23 CST

A few weeks ago I mailed sun-managers asking about the availability of PMEG
patches under 4.0.3.

Thanks to all that responded. I was offered PMEG patches under all architectures
expect the one I really needed. The one I was after was for a sun4 under 4.0.3
 Nobody could really supply me with the answer to why there was no patch for
 sun4 under 4.0.3 ( NOTE there are patches for sun4c under 4.0.3)
 A few other people also wanted the 4.0.3 patches for sun4.
Guess we are stuck without the 4.0.3 patches on our sun4's .

 Back to the standard reply to my users I guess

 Why's my machine running so slowly ?
 Fixed in the next release of software Sir.

 "Don't know what we're computing here but we're doing it bloody slowly"

Tim gibbs

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