Summary: Extra 1MB SIMMs

From: Dave Uraneck (uranus!
Date: Mon Nov 19 1990 - 00:09:28 CST

My inquiry to the net concerned what can be done with replaced 1MB SIMMs
from 4/60 memory upgrades. What other Sun's, PC's, MAC's, etc. will
accept them? In particular, I was interested in the 4/110 and 4/300
series memory boards. (I hate to do experiments on production-critical

The following are exerpts from the 13+ responses:

In general:
In general, you can use the 1 MB SIMMs in lots of machines. You have to
make sure that they are fast enough, and sometimes there are
incompatibilities, but you can try them and find out. I have never caused
any harm to a machine (or the SIMMs) by testing to see if they worked.

I have used 1MB SIMMs from a 3/60 into a 4/110 and Sparcstation 1, and
Macintosh. The mac just ignores the extra bit. The (newly announced)
Sparcstation 2 needs 80ms SIMMs, so many of these will not work.

We have successfully moved SIMMs all over the place! As long as the
replacement SIMMs are at least as fast as those being replaced (or added
to) you should not have a problem. Basically, if there are SIMM slots in
the memory board, they should accept 1MB SIMMS. Note that newer machines
(4/60s+) will not take 256KB SIMMS, and older machines will not take 4MB
SIMMS, but all that I'm aware of will take 1MB SIMMS.

according to the install manual which came with my 1MB SIMMS from
Clearpoint, the 4/1XX, 4/3XX, 3/80, 3/60, 4/60 all can use the 1MB SIMMS,
the only proviso apparently, is that the 4/1XX needs 80 ns memory.

We haven't been displacing existing 1 MB SIMM's but we have been buying
extra 1 MB SIMM's for our 4/60's, 4/65's, 3/60's AND 4/110--they are all
the same, so I am sure you can take the 1 MB SIM's you have displaced from
your 4/60's and use them in your 4/110's.

On Sun 4/110:

We have used memory from a 3/60 in a 4/110 (the 4/110 uses static column
SIMMs, but it turns out that 80 ns. regular SIMMs are fast enough and
usually cheaper than 120 ns. static column SIMMs).

I have successfully done this. The simms are interchangable between the
4/60, 4/65, 4/40, and 4/110 with the caveat that the 4/110 can use slower
memory then the SPARCstations. Just change the jumper settings you
normally would to reflect the increase in memory.

Nope. The 4/110 needs static column DRAMs in order to work, these are
*NOT* the same SIMMS that are used in a 4/60 or any other Sun. This was a
trick to allow the 4/110 not to have a cache.

On 4/300 memory board:

As long as the 4/300 Memory board is using 1M SIMMS you should have no
problem using the 4/60 SIMMS.

[Don't mix 1MB SIMMs with 4MB SIMMs on a 4/300]

On Macintosh's:

I have used 1MB SIMMs from a 3/60 into a 4/110 and Sparcstation 1, and
Macintosh. The mac just ignores the extra bit.

Our 3/60 SIMMs are 1x9 and 80-100 ns, and work just fine in a Mac II-CX.
Also in an SE ... but not in the new Mac II-FX -- diff. page map).

Yes, I have pulled 1M SIMMS from SS1 systems, and used them in other SUN
systems...You can also put the 1M SIMMS in MAC systems. WE have done so
on MAC IIci and other MAC systems here.

On PC's:

Almost any PC that takes SIMMs can use 80 ns. We put some of that same
memory from the 3/60 into a Dell 325 w/o any problem.

I believe these 80 ns 1 MB SIMM's go into 386i machines too. I
think they are pretty standard, go into a lot of 386 PC's too ...

If you just can't find a home for them, feel free to send them to me!
<Grin> (My PC at home could use 8 of them...<Double GRin>).


We use 'em to populate our NCD terminals ...

Many THANX to all who replied:

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