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From: Albert Cheng (
Date: Fri Nov 16 1990 - 14:16:25 CST

My question:
> Just got a book offer. Want to know if anyone has used it and if
> you think it is really a must-read for system managers.
> Title: UNIX SYSTEM Administration Handbook
> Authors: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Scott Seebass
> Publisher: Prentice Hall

Got 43 replies, so far. Everyone agrees it is a good, readable,
must-have, the best book, especially for new administrators and
operator trainees. But "advanced" administrators find it useful too.
It is more for BSD systems but covers SYS V well too. (One recommends
also the book _UNIX AdministrationGuide for System V_ by Becca Thomas
for more SYS V oriented systems.)

One comments not to use the "sudo" program as is, since it has some
security loop holes. There is a fixed version. Some of the code in
the book is online at the archive server at UC, Boulder. And also at
uunet under directory /pub/sa-book (not confirmed). One likes the
extra bonus of cartoon and footnotes.

One flamed me for posting such a question and told me to read the
policy. So, I did.

    The sun-managers mailing list is intended to be a quick-turnaround
    list primarily for people who maintain Sun computers. It's primary
    purpose is to provide the manager (by "manager" I mean computer
    and/or network manager) with a quick communications channel to
    other Sun managers, so that s/he can draw on the collective
    experience of the large body of Sun system managers.

    [Sorry if I have offended anyone]

Thanks for your collective experience.

=Albert Cheng

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