Summary: setgid NFS woes

From: Steve Romig (
Date: Mon Oct 15 1990 - 14:35:22 CDT

[The problem in brief: I have a backup program that must run as root
on a machine, but which must also be able to update a private DBM database
accessed from another server via NFS. The database directory and
files are owned by group backup, and are all mode 770. The program is
setgid backup, and so is running as root and in the backup group.
If the database is on an NFS server running 4.1, the program cannot
access the database files (read or write). If the server is running
anything else (4.0.3, 3.5.1, OsX 4.4, HpUX 6.5, etc) then everything's

I didn't get many responses about this. Tad mentioned that he's
noticed that the 4.1 NFS server maps both uid and gid to nobody if a
request's uid is 0. This would certainly explain my problem.

Dan also suggested that I simply export the file system with root
access granted to the servers that need it - problem is that I have 35
servers that would need root access, and far as I understand, you can
only grant root access to a file system to 10 hosts.

My current workaround was to move the database files to one of our
Pyramids (I knew they were useful for something...:-) I'm still
trying to find out what the real cause for this is - I'll post another
note if I ever find out.

Thank you Tad Guy and Dan Trinkle.

--- Steve

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