Summary of Autobaud question.

From: J. Craig Manning (
Date: Mon Oct 01 1990 - 05:38:12 CDT

  Thanks to all those who repied. This list comes through again.

    Anyway, my orginal guestion was if anybody had gotten autobaud
  to work on the SS1. Some people have gotten it to work and others
  have had problems. I even got a message saying it was a known
  bug ( ID #1034298 ) that was reported over a year ago. However,
  I did get it to work. I set things up it the following way, as suggested
  by Jose Navarro. This allows the user to send a <break> to step through
  the different baud rates.

# name getty type status
ttya "/usr/etc/getty dial1200" dialup on

# 9600 - 2400 - 1200 - 9600


   I also got an interesting setup from Randy Holt. It allows dial-outs at 9600
 and dial-in at 9600 on the same port. It is as follows.

Try this info:
made these changes in the /dev directory:

mknod cua1 c 12 129 - using ttyb to dial out
ln -s /dev/ttyb /dev/ttyd1 - usind ttyb to dial in

(as suggested by Pekka Nikander)

added this entry to /etc/ttytab
ttyd1 "/usr/etc/getty D9600" vt100 on

added this entry to /etc/gettytab

eeprom shows the following

the /etc/remote files includes

This entry appears in a ps -ax listing
 3665 ? IW 0:00 - D9600 ttyd1 (getty)

This configuration allows dial-out at 9600B and dial-in at 9600B, if the
dial-in modem is less than 9600, there is a step down to lower baud rate.

                   Again thanks to everyone,

J. Craig Manning (415) 604-4429
System Administrator for CSC
on site at NASA Ames Research Center
Moffet Field, Ca

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