A little something I noticed

From: Michael J. Saletnik (icarus@sol.end.tufts.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 21 1990 - 11:07:42 CDT

BTW, folks, in my great saga of installing nameservice
on my Suns, I found a quirk I want to share.

In our Sun-installed /etc/rc.local, there were the

ifconfig ie0 'hostname' -trailers up netmask +
ifconfig le0 'hostname' -trailers up netmask +
ifconfig ec0 'hostname' -trailers up netmask +

Once I had the resolver in, these lines would hang, because
there's no such machine as "hostname."
So I corrected the quotes to be `hostname` instead.
This worked great for the server, except for a Sun Micro quirk.
The lines, which since installed on these machines never worked,
suddenly did, and reset the broadcast address to xxx.yyy.zzz.0
instead of the standard xxx.yyy.zzz.255
This caused 2 major problems. Firstly, in.routed failed to see
all the RIP packets from our router, and so all access to the
outside world disappeared. Secondly, when booting a YP client,
the server wouldn't see the broadcasts and so would never reply,
and the client wouldn't boot on "server not responding for domain."

I've simply commented those ifconfig lines out, and use in /etc/rc.boot
(I always define SUBNET_MASK and BROADCAST_ADDRESS on these Suns)

if [ "$SUBNET_MASK" ];
    ifconfig ec0 $hostname -trailers up netmask $SUBNET_MASK broadcast $BROADCAST_ADDRESS
    ifconfig ie0 $hostname -trailers up netmask $SUBNET_MASK broadcast $BROADCAST_ADDRESS
    ifconfig le0 $hostname -trailers up netmask $SUBNET_MASK broadcast $BROADCAST_ADDRESS
    ifconfig ec0 $hostname -trailers up
    ifconfig ie0 $hostname -trailers up
    ifconfig le0 $hostname -trailers up

Good luck!

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