Summary: UUCP problems sending messages > 5000 bytes

From: Kandi Kirk-Wilt (ccrwest!
Date: Fri Sep 21 1990 - 11:21:31 CDT

Well, thanks to Greg Earle of Sun my problem seems to be fixed. My original
posting was:

        I am encountering a problem with UUCP. At least that is what I believe
        is the problem. My configuration:

        Sun4/330 running 4.0.3. We are running Sun sendmail as well as Sun
        UUCP. We use a Trailblazer Plus modem.

My problem:

        UUCP continually tries to send a particular mail message and will not
        send anything else or bring mail back from the mail feed. The messages
        in question are mostly messages containing TeX documents. These
        messages are fairly large but not above what I thought was the uucp
        limit. (The files are anywhere from 6,500 - 27,000 bytes) Nothing
        was larger and certainly not near 50,000 bytes which I heard was the
        magic number causing problems. I have tried breaking down the files
        to try to find special characters that it might not like but when the
        files get broken down far enough they tend to finally go without
        problems. The LOGFILE indicates an error in the file while SYSLOG
        indicates that the file was sent. (see below) I have been working on
        one particular document and sending it to a guy who was here over the
        summer. He reports that he got the document however, on my end it
        Logfile makes it look like it did not get sent. UUCP JUST keeps
        trying to send the same document until I have manually purged it from
        the queue. I have tried about
        everything I can think of including uucico with the -x7 flag but I
        am not sure how to interpret it. Can someone help with that? Has
        anyone had a problem like this before?

Greg's response was:

Set S58=2 and S68=255. You're probably hitting a ^S in the stream, and the
modem is using XON/XOFF flow control. Make sure to enable hardware carrier
detect on the Sun-4/330 modem port, via the `flags' field in the kernel
configuration file for `zs0'.

        - Greg Earle
          Sun Microsystems, Inc.
          JPL on-site Software Support Engineer

I set the modem switches and all is now going fine. I have not been able to
find information on the flags for the kernel specification of my modem port
but maybe I have hardware carrier detect already set.

Thanks to Greg expecially for the solution but also thanks to the following
who responded to my plea:

Russell Brand
Mark Clinger
Ed Morin

Kandi Kirk-Wilt ccrwest!
Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA)
Center for Communications Research - West (CCR-West)
4350 Executive Drive - Suite 135
San Diego, Ca. 92121
(619) 455-9400

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