SUMMARY: xylogics 451 controller on a sun 4

From: Dean Grover (
Date: Wed Aug 15 1990 - 16:03:44 CDT

Sorry this is a few days late, I've stopped getting replies so I figure it is safe
to put out the summary. Thanks to all who responded. There were too many to list

My original posting:
We just tried to install a 3rd party xylogics 451 controller and disk
onto our sparcstation 370 system. This controller was on a 3/260 and I
thought it would work on our sparcstation. No luck.

Then I noticed the man page for "xy" (SunOS 4.1) only listed the
Sun 3 systems, where the man page for "xd" lists sun 3,3x and 4.
Looks like the 451 is not supported on the sun4. Can anyone confirm
or deny this ? Now that I think of it, all the sun 4's I have seen
here (4/260, 4/370) have the 7053 controller "xd". Looks like the disk
may have to remain on the 3/260.

Here is the system configuration:
        Sparcstation 370, 32Mb SunOS 4.1
        688mb disk on the 7053 controller
        le0, ie1 ethernets
        cg9/gp2 frame buffer

Short summary:
        Yes, the xylogics 451 is supported on a sun 4 (in the OS, and in hardware).
At least on the 4/2xx,4/3xx and 4/490 platforms. This was verified by many responses,
and the info of a Sun FE manual. In addition, both the 451 and 7053 are
supported on the same machine (up to 4 total, I believe).

If anyone wants a complete listing of all responses, let me know and I will assemble

As a side note: We still haven't gotten the 3rd party 451 controller to show up
on our 4/370, and we have:
        added xy0* and xy2* devices to /dev
        made sure xyc0 is in the kernel config file (ee40 / xyintr 0x48)

In addition, we nabbed a Sun xylogics 451 controller and tried to put it in without
any luck. My guess is that we need to examine all of the jumpers because they
may not be right.

Thanks again,
Dean Grover
Hughes Aircraft Co. or

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