SUMMARY: Optical Scanners for Suns?

From: Jan L. Peterson (
Date: Mon Aug 13 1990 - 10:46:43 CDT

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A while ago I posted asking for recommendations for optical scanners
for Suns. My original message was:

Date: Fri, 20 Jul 90 11:44:05 MDT

Hi, I am seeking recommendations for optical scanners that attach
directly to Suns. Specifically, I have a Sun-3/60 currently running
SunOS 4.0.3 that I want to put one of these on. It will be used for
scanning in graphics, so it doesn't need to be an OCR. I need this
information as soon as possible because we have to order by 27 Jul 90.

I received replies from:
From: Dinah Anderson <>
From: Dinah Anderson <>
From: (Joe Pace)
From: "Dwight A. Ernest" <independent!>
From: Randy Born <>
From: (Kirk Thege)
From: nick@lambo. (Frank "Nick" Riley) -- lots of info
From: (Jim Ray)

Short summary of replies:
Microtek 400G from Microtek Lab Inc. in California. It has some
software glitches and can hang the system if you scan several times in
a row without waiting a few moments between scans. One person
reported trouble getting support from Microtek. Microtek phone number
is (800)654-4160.

Mitsubishi has a scanner that works well and can do dithering.
Contact Eileen Ruston (914) 997-4963.

Agfa-CompuGraphics has a line of scanners that do from 600dpi 64 gray
levels to 800dpi 256 gray levels. Software from OmniPage.

In the UK, there is a company that provides scanner interfaces for
        HighWater Designs Ltd.
        The Bramery
        40-46 Alstone Lane
        GL51 8ER
        United Kingdom
        Phone: 44(england)-242-221390

PerfectByte sells several scanners, contact Michael Couch at (800)
359-0704. This is the one we went with.

Xerox 7650 Pro Imager
Ernie Stonebreaker
(612)831-0342 (MN)

Sharp JX-600 and JX-450
Pacific Data Group

If you want detailed summary information or a copy of the responses I
received, send me mail. Most of the information above came from Frank
"Nick" Riley <nick@lambo.> whose malformed e-mail address kept me from
mailing to him. He has been collecting information on scanners.
Nick, send me a working e-mail address, please. I'd like to talk to
you about OCR software.

Thanks for all of your help. This list is great!


        Jan L. Peterson
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