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Date: Mon Apr 02 1990 - 17:36:25 CDT writes:

> Some time back I had posted to this list asking suggestions for
> moving physically disk drives. I got quite a few replys and thanks
> for all those replied.

[tons of stuff about moving disk drives & systems in general deleted...]

When we had our 3/280 delivered (by a professional(?) moving/freight
company), the two fellows delivering it had quite a time getting it out
of the truck. The ramp they had was so short that the angle it made
between the ground and the back of the truck was at least 30--40
degrees. The machine had two Fujitsu M2361A Super-Eagle disk drives
and a 1/2 tape drive installed in it. I'm not sure how much all that
weighed, or exactly what angle that ramp was at, but it was too much
for the two delivery guys. After much grunting, sweating, and
swearing, one of them screamed and the whole machine fell off the ramp
from a height of about two feet, toppling over on top of the unluckier

Made quite a dent in the bottom of the rack and broke the guy's wrist.
But, we wheeled it (the 280, not the delivery guy) into the machine room
(on it's little wheels), crossed our fingers, and fired it up.
Worked great---no problems.

We had our secretary drive the delivery guy to the hospital. We're not
sure how well the guy's wrist worked after that, though.

Kids, don't try this at home! These are trained professionals...


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